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Submitted by Terry Munger (1985-1989)

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Overhaul - Spring 1987

This was our crew for our 10,000 manhour "self-help" over-haul. I miss a lot of these folks. (That's me with the sledgehammer)

Physical Fitness time. Nav/Ops crew. Spring 1987

1986 - Mark Swan EM2 - My best friend from the Navy.

This was in his room at the Holiday Inn Waterside during our 86-87 overhaul. There were approx 300 of us in the Inn for 7 months. I would really like to find him again.

1987 - Another friend, Tony Camereri. I think he was HT3 in this photo.

This was taken sailing into GitMo for RefTra, 1987 (SPEAR 05 level).

Signalman 1st Class Robert Henderson. This was on the signal bridge going into Gitmo, Aug 1987. I think he went to Tennessee after the Spear.

August 1987 - GITMO - Our main armament :) 20mm forward portside. Taken from the signal bridge.

August 1987 - GITMO - I don't remember this "sexy" guy's name.. anyone recognize him? This was on the signal bridge.

August 1987 GITMO - Spear U-Boat

I think this was one of ours

1986 - The pier at Virginia Beach after Hurricane Gloria (Sep 85). There used to be a building out there.



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