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Submitted by Patty (Schneider) Kelso (1979-1980)

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38 Shop puts up a basketball hoop

(l-r) Randy Wickman, "Lanny" Lanovara, Stu Burleson, Chuck Simonds, Alan Bonifer, "Tony" Turner, (not sure who that is holding the backboard), Fred Counts

Off the coast of Egypt

Playing flute on the messdecks

Playing flute on helo deck

Transiting Suez Canal

(taken with my Polaroid Insta-matic - not the best quality)

Shellback initiation

The poor "wog dog" pictured here is GMG2 Walter (Sonny) Dyle (80-83). His "owner" is L. Arndt of W-2 Division

Receiving Letter of Appreciation from Capt. Kinert

(with X-Division for Indian Ocean deployment)

Kingsrow Hotel, Angeles City, Philippines

While in Diego Garcia (1980), I took a week's leave and went to the Philippines (20 y/o female all alone.... scary!). I arrived at Clark AFB, Angeles City around 4:00 AM, went straight to this hotel and slept until that evening.

Restaurant at Kingsrow Hotel

Got up that evening and ate in their restaurant

Disco in Angeles City

After dinner, I took a jeepnee around to see the sites

A house on the outskirts of Angeles City

I had someone drive me around in a jeepnee

Outskirts of Angeles City

Mt. Arayat - outskirts of Angeles City

View of mountains

I didn't get my camera up intime, but there was a boy riding a water buffalo or ox along the side of the road that I was trying to take a picture of

More views outside Angeles City

Camp John Hay, Baguio City

The next morning I took a bus from Angeles City to Baguio City. While in Baguio I stayed at Camp John Hay. At the time, this was an US AFB where servicemembers could stay.

On my way to Baguio, I had to go to Subic Bay - I won't say why in writing but I'll be happy to tell you about it sometime :-)

Camp John Hay - Main Club building

When the US turned CJH over to the Philippine people in the 1990s, this beautiful building (which had a restaurant, club house, and guest rooms on either side) was demolished and a new resort was built

Camp John Hay - garden item infront of Main Club

Camp John Hay - Courtyard

To the right of the stone wall is the drop off and scenic mountain view - to the left is the Main Club building

Me sitting on stone wall with overlook behind me

I put the camera on a park bench and set the automatic flash timer

Another view of CJH Main Club building

Camp John Hay golf course

Camp John Hay - Sunken garden

I believe that this garden was left alone when the property was turned into a resort

Camp John Hay - Sunken garden

Camp John Hay - Sunken garden

Camp John Hay - Sunken garden

CJH - Scenic mountain view

CJH - Scenic mountain view

CJH - Scenic mountain view

CJH - Scenic mountain view

CJH - Scenic mountain view

CJH - Scenic mountain view - panoramic

After 3 nights here, it was time to head back to Angeles City.

A museum in Baguio taken from bus on ride back to Angeles City

Leaving Baguio

Leaving Baguio

Leaving Baguio

Leaving Baguio

Leaving Baguio

This picture always reminds me of the opening credits for the TV show M*A*S*H

Leaving Baguio

Lion's Head, Kennon Road (between Baguio and Angeles City)

Lion's Head

Going through a small town on bus ride back

Bus stop to take a break

It was here where venders would come around the outside of the bus shouting "balut" (pronounced "baa loot") and "Bar-B-Q". Who knows what the BBQ was, and I sure didn't want balut! If you don't know what balut is, do a web search (not for the faint of heart).

Rice fields

Rice fields

Rice fields

Rice fields

Rice fields

Rice fields

In Angeles City - after checking into hotel, had an escort show me around

Stayed here for 2 nights before heading to Clark AFB to fly to DG

While seeing sites in Angeles City, took this picture of school yard

I took the picture right as the kids were snapping to attention

Angeles City

Angeles City

My escort took me inside this school in Angeles City.


Then went to this church, Holy Rosary Church, in Angeles City

Inside Holy Rosary Church, Angeles City

Inside Holy Rosary Church, Angeles City

Clark Air Force Base - waiting to board plane

I took this picture while waiting in line to board the plane, and this airman in the picture came over to me and told me he was going to have to take my camera - no photography on military installations! After some begging and pleading, he let me off with a warning. Whew!

Diego Garcia - Liberty boat pier

Taking liberty boat back to the SPEAR, which was anchored in the bay. They no longer use this pier/dock site anymore - this pier was close to the pool, etc. They have since built a permanent pier closer to the airstrip from this location.

Sun setting over DG - taken from liberty boat

Home sweet home

Many thanks to PNC Edwin Alexander for making this trip possible!



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