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Submitted by Shaun Kane (1981-1984)

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On aft lookout while transitting the Delaware River enroute to Philadelphia Naval Shipyard

On aft lookout with Jon Bragg while transitting the Delaware River enroute to Philadelphia Naval Shipyard

In Deck, 2nd & 3rd Division

The guy directing the imaginary orchestra is Tommy Hightower. He's on lifeboat watch. The other guy is Scott Cruse(?)

Seaman Switzer gets a haircut from BM1 Salamat.

David Lackey, BM3. He was in First Division.

BM1 Lloyd Sage

BM1 Sage died in a car accident while he was the LPO of Second Division.

Tommy Hightower during a sideboy ceremony.

After Line Handling Party

BM3 Kathy Kerns working around the starboard traveling crane

BMSN Doris Kelley

Seaman Chris Saville takes a break from mess cranking to practice his "hammer ons."

Frocking ceremony - Executive Officer CDR Taday(?)

BMSN Stanley Fitzgerald taking it easy in Deck berthing

Topple the after mast

Second Division sent men aloft to topple the after mast so the ship would fit under the Delaware River Bridge on her way to the yards.



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