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2015 Reunion - Virginia Beach

Our 9th USS L. Y. Spear (AS-36) Association Reunion is in the books, and what a great time it was as we went "Back to the Beach"!  We had 108 people in attendance this year with a record number of 14 PLANK OWNERS!  We were also honored to have former Commanding Officer Ernest Toupin in attendance, as well as family members of our ship's namesake, Lawrence York Spear.  Thanks to everyone for making this reunion such a success!

Saturday Evening Banquet

(Crewmembers Only)

Shipmates in Attendance

(listed alphabetically)




Anderson, Edwin SK1 1979-1982
Anthony, Debra (Phillips/Valahu)


MR2 1981-1986
Baldwin, Gary BM3 1980-1982
Barnard, Bill DT2 1977-1980
Basilio, Ed (NOT PICTURED) SK1 1983-1987
Bennett, Bill HT3 1976-1978
Bittle, Dave SN 1971-1973
Bonifer, Alan MM3 1978-1980
Bowman, Willie BMCS 1988-1995
Bragg, Leonard MM2 1979-1981
Christiansen, Mark ET1 1981-1983
Christie, Allisia (Kellum) SH3 1989-1993
Cox, William MMC 1969-1972
Dowell, Ronald BMCS 1977-1980
Duemling, Susan (Hitchcock) DK2 1979-1982
Fitz, James "Bucky" (NOT PICTURED) BM2 1990-1996
FitzGerald, Kenneth SK2 1969-1971
Gee, Greg MM2 1978-1980
Goodman, Willie SHCM 1991-1993
Grace, Brian (NOT PICTURED) FN 1980-1981
Grubbs, Hugh "Dutch" SH2 1969-1972
Hightower, Alita (Beyers) MA2 1979-1981
Hogan, Kathleen IM2 1983-1986
Houle, Robert (NOT PICTURED) IC3 1978-1979
Ingham, Linda (Millard) LI3 1979-1981
Jenkins, Tom PN2 1969-1971
Jennings, Carl (NOT PICTURED) MAC 1981-1984
Jessie, Leon SK2 1969-1971
Johnson, Tracy (Gorman/McKoy) SH2 1989-1993
Jones, John "Pappy" (NOT PICTURED) DCC 1985-1990
Keeter, John (NOT PICTURED) LTJG 1978-1980
Kelso, Patty (Schneider) PN3 1979-1981
Kenney, Daniel SK1 1969-1970
Lackey, Dave BMSN 1980-1984
Lee, Deborah EM3 1979-1982
Lester, James "Pat" MR1/CWO4 1972-1977 &


Leyda, Gary (NOT PICTURED) FTCS 1977-1980
Liberto, Bill IC2 1978-1981
Lowery, Pat YN2 1979-1982
Lynch, Tracey TM2 1989-1993
McCutcheon, Kenneth SK3 1969-1971
McDermott, Edward (NOT PICTURED) CWO4 1984-1987
McDowell, Phillip (NOT PICTURED) SK2 1995-1996
McLagan, Wendy (Stair) BM2 1979-1982
Pacheco, Paulo (NOT PICTURED) MR2 1982-1984
Quinn, Michael (NOT PICTURED) ETCM 1987-1987
Rankin, Tony SK3 1969-1971
Reed, David PM2 1984-1989
Reichhold, Debra (Roate) ET2 1979-1981
Richard, Armand TM2 1969-1974
Richardson, Kevin SK3 1971-1974
Richardson, Thedora (Rogers) RM2 1994-1996
Roberts, Douglas (NOT PICTURED) CWO4 1987-1992
Rodgers, Lisa (NOT PICTURED) YN2 1986-1988
Rountree, Rafe BMSN 1980-1983
Saville, Chris BMSN 1980-1984
Schubert, Everett HT1 1973-1976
Shimp, Walter "Bucky" SFM2 1969-1971
Shoaf, Douglas IC3 1969-1972
Spence, William (NOT PICTURED) ML3 1969-1971
Stallcop, Ernest TM1 1991-1994
Stokes, June "Wendy" HMC 1979-1982
Stortini, Louis BM2 1969-1972
Thurston, Robert BT2 1987-1988
Toupin, Ernest CAPT 1977-1979
Trebes, Charles SH2 1981-1982
Vernon-Kidd, Lora DP3 1984-1987
Welch, John MM2 1980-1981
Wilkerson, Marilyn (Lynch) PH1 1987-1991
Woodson, Rickie MMCM 1991-1993
Works, Michael TM1 1995-1996
Wright, J. Alton SK3 1969-1971







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