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2010 Reunion - Norfolk, VA

Our 4th USS L. Y. Spear (AS-36) Association Reunion is history, and many of us are still in "withdrawal" from having to say goodbye to our shipmates.  Below are two group photos as a few of our shipmates were not able to attend both evening events.   

SPEAR Crewmembers in attendance

Friday night "70s Buffet"

Back row (l-r): S. Esely, R. Turner, W. Bowman, P. Schneider-Kelso, J. Fitz, D. Liska, E. Stallcop, P. Pacheco, L. Jessie, D. Reed

Middle row (l-r): D. Kenney, J. Sitler, B. Bennett, B. Paul, C. Clifton, J. Welch, D. Lee, D. Reichhold, L. Vernon-Kidd

Front row (l-r): J. Bennett, G. Burcur, W. Goodman, A. Bonifer

Saturday night Banquet

Back row (l-r):  C. Saville, A. Bonifer, G. Spangler, R. Turner, G. Burcar, R. Patraw, W. Goodman, E. Stallcop, S. Young, P. Pacheco, J. Bennett, D. Liska, D. Reed

Third row (l-r):  L. Jessie, D. Scherer, M. Quinn, B. Bennett, J. Welch, J. Sitler, E. Lancaster, B. Paul, D. Clay, G. Baldwin, C. Clifton, S. Esely

Second row (l-r):  R. Rountree, E. Anderson, D. Kenney

Front row (l-r): A. Kuwata, D. Reichhold, B. Butler, C. Purm-Teranto, K. Woods-Alexander, P. Schneider-Kelso, L. Vernon-Kidd, M. Baker-Bloom, M. Dieudonne

Reunion Photos





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