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2008 Reunion - Washington, DC

Our 3rd USS L. Y. Spear (AS-36) Association Reunion is now in the books, and what a great time we had!  We did not have any scheduled tours this year so we grouped together and went off on our own.  Photos from the reunion will be organized by crewmember, so that everyone can get an all around picture of what DC and a SPEAR reunion have to offer.  Thanks to all of you who have submitted photos! 

SPEAR Crewmembers in attendance

Saturday night

Back row (l-r): G. Baldwin, R. Turner, R. Thompson, W. Goodman, D. Stevenson, C. Saville, D. Reed

Middle row (l-r): J. Welch, T. Little, B. Barnard, M. Strong, L. Jessie, K. McCutcheon

Front row (l-r): P. Kelso, J. Sparks, R. Rountree, L. Vernon-Kidd, D. Kenney

Sunday night

Back row (l-r):  W. Goodman, C. Saville, M. Strong, R. Turner, R. Thompson, L. Jessie, K. McCutcheon,

D. Kenny,  B. Barnard

Front row (l-r): D. Reed, G. Baldwin, J. Sparks, P. Kelso, J. Shea, R. Ghormley, L. Vernon-Kidd, R. Rountree

Miscellaneous Photos

  Jessie, Leon 10/16/08 | 10/17/08 | 10/18/08 | 10/19/08 | 10/20/08
  Reed, David 10/16/08 | 10/17/08 | 10/18/08 | 10/19/08
  Turner, Richard 10/16/08 | 10/17/08 | 10/18/08 | 10/19/08 | 10/20/08




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